Spooky Stories

We wrote spooky stories and then made them into books or posters. It was a lot of fun. We tried to creat a spooky atmosphere by using lots of interesting adjectives and adverbs. Some of the words we used were monstrous, loathsome, ghastly, creepy, screech, terrifying and slimy. We have enjoyed reading each others stories.



In our class we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. The stuff  which all things are made of is called matter. Matter can be a solid, such as wood or iron, a liquid such as water or oil, or a gas such as air or steam. These are called the three states of matter.On the internet is a site called bitesize science it has some interesting information. The image above is showing salt  disolving in water.

Japanese lunchbox song

In Japanese we have been learning a song called the Obent song, which means Lunchbox song in Japanese. Here is a link to a video we have found of it. This is what the song means in English.

‘In this sized lunchbox, put some rice balls. Sprinkle some small chopped ginger, salt and sesame seeds. Carrot, pepper, shitake mushrooms, gobu burdock, lotus root and Japanesese celery.’